Code of Ethics for Purchasing

No consideration other than the profit of the company
There shall be no consideration other than the profit of the company when trading with a supplier.
Prohibition of act of collusion
Employees shall not engage in any act of collusion that may affect decision making when carrying out purchasing activities with a supplier.
Objective and fair selection of suppliers
The selection and registration of a customer shall proceed in a rational manner and be based on objective and impartial evaluation standards.
Principle of fair competition
Trading shall be based on the principle of fair competition, while personal connections such as school ties and regionalism shall be excluded.
Prohibition of providing entertainment and personal presents
Employees shall neither accept unauthorized client entertainment nor personal presents of any kind from any supplier.
Prohibition of unfair behaviors using authority or position
Employees shall not engage in unfair behavior of any form that would take advantage of our superior position and authority when trading with a supplier.
Prohibition of disclosure of critical information
Employees shall never disclose important information about our company.
Transparent principle
Employees shall not make any false report and shall always respect the principle of transparency in all purchasing activities.
Suspension of trade upon discovery of personal present from a partner
Employees shall remind counterparts that if a company is found to have given a personal present or hosted a member of our company, the transaction will be suspended immediately.
Acceptance of punishment in case of violations
If any of the above principles is violated, I will readily accept any punishment imposed by the company.

Supplier Evaluation System

Identify and support excellent supplier through supplier evaluation
Establish objective evaluation standards for suppliers
Fair objective standards
Approve and induce self-regulated improvement opportunities
Manage collaboration relationship based on result reporting
Motivate through operation of reward and penalty system
Expand support for excellent supplier
Support all suppliers to develop into excellent supplier
Expand trade volume

Organization introduction

Purchasing Support Team

General Purchasing Operations

Kangseok Oh (Team Leader)

Construction · Packing Materials (Pyeongtaek) · Intangible Assets · Promotional Products

Doohwan Lee (Senior Manager)

Machinery · Facilities (Equipment) · Test Equipment · Reference Drug

Sangyong Park (Manager)

Packing Materials (Paltan, Fine Chemical, Healthcare)) · Commodity

Kyuhak Kim (Manager)

Reagents · Consumables (Foreign Materials) · Printed Material · Repair Expenses

Boseok Kang (Assistant Manager)

MRO (SERVEONE) · Reagents · Consumables (Domestic Materials) · Computer Supplies (PC, Laptop, etc.)

Yoonhee Sung (Assistant Manager)

Global Purchasing Team

General Purchasing of Raw Materials · Raw Materials for Paltan Industrial Complex (Domestic Materials)

Jaehoon Cha (Team Leader)

Raw Materials (Paltan (API, Import), Healthcare)

Kwanghui Lee (Manager)

Raw Material(Fine Chemical(Local), Paltan(Excipient, Import))

Dami Kim (Assistant Manager)

Raw Materials (Fine Chemical(Import),Bio)

Gihwan Kim (Team member)

Custom clearance, Remittance, Monthly closing

Da hyun, Kim (Team member)