Win-Win Management

Hanmi Pharmaceutical is making efforts to manage its supply chain in a transparent and sound manner. The growth of Hanmi Pharmaceutical is a result of the interest and support of many stakeholders, including customers, partners, and communities, along with the growth engine through R&D investment. Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will work together for the value of cooperation by coexisting with its partners and communities.
Hanmi Pharmaceutical 4 Major Fair Trade Rules
Conclusion of an Agreement for Mutual Cooperation
Prevention of violation of the principle of freedom of contract due to the abuse of bargaining power, and the establishment of reasonable and fair trading practices
Fair Selection & Operation of Partners
Ensure transparency and fairness
Issuing & Keeping Correct Documentation
Recognition of written documents under the "Act on the Fairness of Subcontracting" and facilitating the exercising of the rights and obligations thereunder
Advanced Prevention of Unfair Trade through Operating an Internal Review Committee
Establish an internal review committee for subcontracts

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Hanmi Pharmaceutical practices ethical management, trust based management and compliance management, which are the values pursued by our company, upon the management philosophy of "Respect for human life" and "Value creation." Accordingly, Hanmi Pharmaceutical recognizes its suppliers as essential partners and establishes the Business Partner Code of Conduct (hereinafter, "Code") to strengthen compliance management which is the basis for Win-Win growth.

In addition, Hanmi Pharmaceutical is expected to operate the corporation in ethical manner, such as fully observing all applicable laws and regulations, securing a safe working environment, and establishing a management system in which all of the workers are respected.
* The Code is based on the International Labor Standards, Code of Practice (Safety and Health at work) of International Labour Organization (ILO), UNCRC of the UN, and the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises of OECD. Where a conflict arises between the recommendations of the Code and the details of local laws and regulations, more strict standards will take precedence.

Win-Win Principle

Based on the belief of "Manufacturing a better drug respectful human life", Hanmi Pharmaceutical is making efforts to expand into a sustainable and healthy social corporation developing a business model that contributes to improvement of human health.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical intends to establish an authentic and sustainable business collaboration system with its suppliers, while creating a sound business ecosystem and practical Win-Win model through responsible supply chain management

Win-Win Perspective


Seek future-oriented growth rather than short-term outcome


Build authentic communication through information exchange and collaboration


Establish a fair and sound trade culture through Win-Win collaboration

Virtuous cycle of partnership through synergy development by collaborating between corporations

Hanmi Pharmaceutical
Anti-Corruption Policy

Hanmi Pharmaceutical, which strives to become a global company based on creative and challenge spirit for its management philosophy of “Respect for Human Life” and “Value Creation,” hereby declares an anti-corruption policy to prevent corruption in order to strengthen compliance management. All employees must be fully aware of and comply with the anti-corruption policy.
Prohibition of All Corruption
All corrupt practices including bribery are prohibited.
Compliance with anti-corruption laws and internal regulations
All employees must strictly comply with all laws and internal regulations to prevent corruption.
Corruption Possibility Notification
All perceived acts of corruption and potential for corruption are communicated without delay.
Implementation of anti-corruption policies
All shall maintain and enhance personal dignity and company’s honor by practicing anti-corruption policies.
To prevent corruption, Hanmi Pharmaceutical will strive to achieve “Anti-Corruption Management Goals” by implementing “Anti-Corruption Policy” on all employees, by focusing on “Compliance Officers” who are given independent authority to prevent corruption. Hanmi will also do its best to continuously improve the anti-corruption management system.
CEOs of Hanmi Pharmaceutical
Jong-soo Woo and Se-Chang Kwon